Detailed & Reliable Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Melbourne

Are you looking to purchase a used vehicle in Melbourne? Unsure whether you are getting the short end of the stick? With Car Mate Inspections you get professional, expert and independent pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne. You’ll not leave anything to chance and base your entire buying decision on sound vehicle inspection mechanic’s advice. Avoid buying a dud of a vehicle with your Car Mate!

More than ever, people are buying and selling cars online and buying a pre-loved vehicle is a smart decision to make your daily commute or weekend travel in the big city much more accessible. Our entire pre-purchase vehicle inspection is driven by the intention to make used car buying more effortless for both the seller and the buyer. We bring our high expertise services on wheels to anywhere across Melbourne. You can call us anytime 24/7 to book our vehicle inspection services, and we’ll schedule the time and date, and you share the location. Pronto! Your independent, unbiased and expert pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne will be done without changing your schedule.

Armed with our exhaustive vehicle inspection report, you can now leverage a better deal and understand precisely what your prospective car’s performance and conditions are under and over the hood.

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Why should you get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne?

When you consider buying pre-loved vehicles, you may not exactly know whether you are the second or the third or umpteenth buyer? Between multiple buyers and sellers, learning the entire history of the car may be difficult.

Furthermore, a visual check alone will not raise any red flags under the hood. A glossed over paint job or dent removal won’t be visible to the naked eye. That is why pre-purchase vehicle inspections in Melbourne is becoming a necessity than a choice for the buyer.

At Car Mate Inspections, our exhaustive 100+ checkpoints pre-purchase vehicle inspection report will do a full body report that goes beyond checking its roadworthiness.

The report will show the vehicle’s exact condition, the working and performance of various systems like engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, electrical and give you a complete report that includes the aesthetic factors of the interiors and the exteriors of the vehicle.

Our report is unbiased and reports the as-is condition of the vehicle. We further provide the diagnostics on all the issues that might become problematic in the future and suggest the various repairs and replacement warranted by the car and their cost.

When we have finished with our pre-purchase vehicle inspection, you’ll be in an advantageous position to make an informed negotiation and make the vehicle worthy of every dollar you pay.

Why choose Car Mate Inspection for your pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne?

Our primary aim is to empower buyers to make better decisions confidently and invest their money without a doubt. Our exhaustive 100+ point’s checklists take care of all the nitty-gritty of vehicle checks and ensure that they work for you for many more years.

Our crew of highly experienced mechanics are highly adept at the latest tools and technology in vehicle inspections and have in-depth knowledge of many vehicle’s systems, be it a car, van, caravans, motor homes, 4×4 or even a truck.

We are available 24/7 on call to book our pre-purchase vehicle inspection anywhere in Melbourne. Together we can set the date and time for a hassle-free inspection.

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