Professional and Proficient Used Car Inspection Service starting at $110

Whether used or new, buying your first car is a significant investment and not something to be done without due research. With new cars, there’s plenty of options and information available to learn and make the right choice. However, all you have are a few documents and the seller’s word to go by with pre-loved used cars.

Car Mate Inspections’ independent and unbiased used car inspection services are all about enabling you with all the right tools and knowledge to make your used car buying choice as informed and as confident as we can.

When you choose to invest in a used car, the cost of a used-car inspection service is negligible in the larger scheme of things. With our detailed and exhaustive 100+ points vehicle inspection report, you’ll know the many critical issues that could and may become huge and expensive problems for you in writing.

In fact, our customers have thanked us for the leverage our inspection reports provide in a used-car deal or to understand the budget necessity for repairs and reworks that a used car needs after the purchase. So they can factor in all relevant details and exclude any guesswork.

Car Mate Inspection is available 24/7, and you can book us today over a call at 0402 806 311.

How does our second-hand car inspection work?

Here’s our simple 4-step process to getting your prospective vehicle checked and ready for negotiation.

  1. Schedule a Second-Hand Car Inspection: Schedule an inspection with details of either your car and location or you can just forward us the seller’s details. We come to you!
  2. Used Car Inspection: Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will go to the location on set date and time to perform the inspection with modern state-of-the-art tools and equipment in our mobile mechanic van.
  3. Used Car Inspection Report : Same day reports will be shared with you immediately. Our detailed report will include a visual inspection report, high-quality photos of the car, ratings and performance review of various car systems, and our recommendations.
  1. Expert Recommendation: Our qualified vehicle inspection mechanic will call you to discuss the report to clarify any question and give any possible suggestions on the condition, the cost of repairs, and any further guidance about the used car.

Our basic second-hand car inspection package starts at $110, and we service a vast network of locations in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Make your second-hand car purchase a stress-free and easy process with Car Mate Inspection. Feel Free to call us anytime to book our inspection services.

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