Reputed and Respected Vehicle Inspection Report Services

Car Mate Inspections has been offering top-notch vehicle inspection reports to Melbourne car owners for many years. We pride ourselves in empowering buyers and sellers with an independent, reputed, professional and unbiased vehicle inspection report and helping many of them to buy a car they love, with confidence that their investment will pay off well in the future.

Car Mate Inspections has a team of highly qualified and experienced vehicle inspection mechanics who will bring their skills and expertise to ensure that the vehicle goes through our exhaustive 100+ point’s checklist. They make the most of the latest technology tools that help us reveal any accident damage correction, new paint job detection and much more. We review the vehicle inside out and provide high-quality visual check photos along with our vehicle inspection report.

Need a trustworthy vehicle inspection report? Don’t hesitate to call Car Mate Inspections. Remember, we come to you and ensure the highest satisfaction in all our services. Call us today at 0402 806 311 to book now!

Why choose Car Mate Inspections for your vehicle inspection report in Melbourne?

Our primary aim is to empower buyers to make better decisions confidently and invest their money without a doubt. Our exhaustive 100+ point’s checklists take care of all the nitty-gritty of vehicle check and ensure that they work for you for many more years.

Our crew of highly experienced mechanics are highly adept at the latest tools and technology in vehicle inspection reporting and have in-depth knowledge of many vehicle’s systems, be it a car, van, caravans, motor homes, 4×4 or even a truck.

We are available 24/7 on call to book our vehicle inspection report services anywhere in Melbourne. Together we can set the date and time for a hassle-free inspection

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